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30 September 2022

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First Name : James557
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Qingqing suddenly thumped on the bed and shouted, "Why don't you come out? What are you doing?" Jiao Waner was so frightened that she was about to run out. yuan Chengzhi grabbed her arm and heard He Tieshou say softly, "You can sleep for a while. I'll send you back at dawn." Qingqing snorted, clenched his fist and knocked on the bed board, and the dust fell one after another. yuan Chengzhi nearly sneezed and tried to adjust his breathing before he could hold back. Qingqing thought to herself, "He Tieshou and the old beggar woman beat you again, but why hide?"? What the hell are you two doing under the bed? She did not know that yuan Chengzhi had learned of the plot to kill the emperor, which was related to the survival of the country, and it was no small matter, so she could not endure it. He Hongyao said to He Tieshou, "You are the leader of the sect, and you are in charge of the important affairs in the sect.". Since the golden hook of the Patriarch has been passed on to you, you have the power of life and death. But can't you be alarmed by the tragedy I've encountered? He Tieshou said with a smile, "My aunt has met a heartless man. She thinks that all the men in the world are Bo Xinglang." "Hum," said He Hongyao, "what kind of good man is there among men? Besides, this man is the son of the Golden Snake Lang Jun! Look at him. He's no different from that guy. Who says his heart is different from my father's? "Is his father as handsome as he is?" Asked He Tieshou? No wonder my aunt fell in love with me. yuan Chengzhi listens to the tone of He Tieshou, obviously quite in love with Qingqing, this person is extremely martial arts, is also the master of a religion, unexpectedly does not distinguish between men and women, but also funny. He Hongyao gave a deep sigh and said, "You are unrepentant.". I'll tell you everything about me. It's up to you to decide whether it's a blessing or a curse. "Well," said He Tieshou, "I love to hear my aunt tell stories. Might as well listen to him? He Hongyao said, "Let him know his father's bad deeds, so that he can die in peace." "You're making up a rumor!" Cried Qingqing! My father is a great hero. How could he do anything bad? I'm not listening! I won't listen! He Tieshou laughed and said, "Auntie, he doesn't like it. What should I do?" "I'm telling you,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock," said He Hongyao. Does he like to listen? Pay attention to him. Qingqing covered her head with a quilt, but finally she couldn't help being curious. She pulled open the corner of the quilt and listened to He Hongyao narrating the story of the Golden Snake Lang Jun. "That was more than twenty years ago," she said, "when I was not as old as you are now. Your father just took over as the religious leader, and he sent me to be the leader of Wanmiao Villa to manage the Snake Cave over there. I had nothing to do that day, so I went to the back hill to catch birds. "Auntie," said He Tieshou, "when you become Villa Leader, do you still catch birds for fun?" He Hongyao snorted and said, "As I said, I was still very young at that time. I was almost a child.". I caught two kingfishers, and I was very happy. When he came back, he passed by the snake cave and suddenly heard a swishing sound in the bushes. Knowing that a snake had escaped, he rushed after it. As a result, juice filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, I saw a five-flower wandering outward. I am very strange. The snakes in our snake cave are very tame and never run away. What is this five-flower doing outside? I'm not going to catch it. I'll follow it all the way. I saw the five flowers swim to a man behind the bushes. I looked up and was surprised. "Why?" Asked He Tieshou. He Hongyao gnashed his teeth and said, "That's the injustice of a previous life.". He is the devil in my life. "Is that Mr. Golden Snake?" Asked He Tieshou. "I wasn't as handsome as he was then," said He Hongyao. "He was a handsome young man. Holding a bunch of snake incense on fire in his hand. It turned out that the five flowers were drawn out by smelling the fragrance. He saw me and smiled at me. He Tieshou said with a smile, "My aunt was very beautiful at that time. He must have been fascinated." He Hongyao spat and said, "I'm serious with you. Who's playing with you?"? When I saw that he was a stranger, I was afraid that he would be bitten by a snake, so I quickly said, 'Hey, this snake is poisonous. Don't move, I'll catch you! ' He smiled again, took a wooden box from his back and put it on the ground. There was a live toad tied to a string on the corner of the box, jumping and jumping. Of course, the five flowers wanted to eat the toad. They slowly swam up to the wooden box and were about to stretch out their heads to bite it when the boy pulled the rope and the lid of the box turned over. As soon as the five flowers slipped, trying to stabilize their bodies, the young man reached out with his left hand, and two fingers had clamped the head and neck of the five flowers. I saw that although his technique was different from ours, the parts of his fingers were exactly the same, and he was so obedient that he could not move. I was relieved to know that he was an expert. He Tieshou said with a smile, "Tut, tut, my aunt has just met someone else, and she is so concerned." "Hey, don't interrupt," said Qingqing? Listen to her. "You said you didn't like it," said He Tieshou with a smile. "I suddenly like it," said Qingqing. "Can I?" "All right, I won't interrupt," said He Tieshou with a smile. He Hongyao gave her a horizontal look and said, "Then I became suspicious again. Who is this man?"? How dare you be so bold? Come here to catch our snake? Don't you know the prestige of the Five Poisons Sect? He took out a short iron rod in his right hand and stretched it to the mouth of the flower. The five flowers took a bite. When I got closer, it turned out that the middle of the iron rod was empty, and the venom in the mouth kept flowing out, which was contained by the iron pipe. Only then did I know, hum, that he was stealing snake venom. No wonder many snakes in the snake cave do not eat these days. They are thin and lazy. I cried, 'Hey, put it down!' At the same time, he took out the snake tube and blew it. He heard a strange sound, looked up, and the head and neck twisted and bit him on his finger. He hurriedly threw away the five flowers and tried to open the wooden box to get the antidote. I said, 'How dare you!' Go ahead. But he was so good at martial arts that I fell down with only a slight touch. "Of course," Qingqing interrupt, "how can you be his opponent?" He Hongyao rolled his eyes and said, "But our five flowers are so poisonous. He had no time to take the antidote, so he had a poisonous wound and fainted.". When I got closer, I suddenly couldn't bear it. I thought it was a pity that such a young man had lost his life, and he was so skilled in martial arts. He Tieshou said, "So you saved him,plastic bottle making machine, hid him secretly, and took medicine to detoxify him. When he recovered, you fell in love with him." 。 gzxilinear.com

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